Blogging & Article Writing

Blog posts and articles serve as a double whammy to your business strategy; not only do they help deepen your connection to your audience and improve search engine visibility, but research by Hubspot has shown that businesses who regularly write blog posts get over 67% more leads. Whether you have topics in mind or require a content plan implemented, I can help create regular content regardless of word count.


Social Media Management

Social media is one of the fastest and most direct ways to communicate with your audience. Afterall, you don’t have to search for them as the majority are already online. More than 100 million people use social media each month and in-app advertising services mean you are able to reach a highly targeted segment of those people directly. Whether you need assistance running your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest or LinkedIn account – I can help.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the name of the game on the internet, but gone are the days where you could keyword stuff your way to the top. Nowadays, algorithms sift through millions of pages a day and prioritise content on relevance, intent, context and which piece of content is most informative to users – after all, there are many people discussing the same topic. But with the right wording (and the right writer *wink wink*) you can have content that not only reads well but ranks well too!

Website Copy

Think of your website as your internet home; people go there to talk to you and to find out what you’re about. Which is why it’s vital that your website represents what your company does – and fast. According to research done by Chartbeat, over 55% of visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your website – so the time in which you have to hook them in is minimal. It’s understandable, people are busy and so your content needs to use language people can understand and connect with, and it needs to explain why you do what you do better than anyone else.


The written word can make or break your business so it’s imperative you find the right voice to match your brand. You need somebody who takes the time to understand your brand and your audience before creating sentences for it. So whether you need help creating an about page or a homepage that hooks people in and converts like crazy – I can help!

Email Marketing

Customer acquisition can cost anywhere between 4-10x more than keeping existing customers, so it makes financial sense to stay in regular contact with your existing database. But how often do you actually do it? In the fast moving pace of today’s day and age, it pays to be at the forefront of a customer’s mind, and email is one of the best ways to do it. It’s pre-targeted because only those who are interested in your product sign up for your emails anyway and it’s commercially valuable as it enables your customers to know the details of any company changes, upcoming sales or special promotions.


Need your content ghostwritten? Not a problem! The majority of my clients prefer to work this way and I’m comfortable writing either with or without, an author byline.

Before a project begins I take time to get to know the desired tone of voice. This means that any copy I create on your behalf remains undetected by your readers, and the ghostwriting remains our little secret.

Press Releases

Whether you have a product, service or large-scale event, I can help you get it noticed. I offer two PR packages; the first option is where I create a top-notch press release for you to use as you please. The second involves the above, but with the added coverage that comes from utilising my network of journalists to get it coverage in national newspapers and magazines.


Tailored Services

Sometimes, you just need an extra pair of hands to help with your copywriting and marketing needs. That’s where I come in. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for but require some help in the sentence-making department, I’ve got your back. Simply get in touch to outline your proposal and I’ll be able to put together a quote.